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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long should our Hot Tub take to heat up (before we can answer this question we need to know the spas startup water temperature and if it is powered by 110V or 220V)?
A. Under normal conditions, the spa will heat up 2-4 degrees each hour when powered by 220V (or 1-2 degrees per hour when powered by 110V).

Q. I want my hot tub to heat up past 104F. How can I get it to do that?
A. All Gatsby and Blue Ridge Spas are built only to heat up to 104F. It is not healthy for your organs to stay in water over 104F for long periods of time.

Q. Should I power my spa with 110V or 220V? What are the advantages?
A. A plug-in 110V power connection requires less out of pocket money and is very convenient, however, a hard-wired 220V connection offers several advantages. A 220V power connection will ultimately save you money on your electric bill since it allows the spa to heat up in 6 hours. It also allows the Jets and Heater to run at the same time which is not possible with a 110V power connection.

Q. How long can I stay in my spa?
A. The recommendation is one 20 minute jet cycle.

Q. Is it better to shut your spa down or to keep it running year round?
A. This is personal preference. From an energy standpoint, if your spa is not in use, shut it down and drain it to save energy and money. Go Green!!!

Q. What is the average life span of a Gatsby Spa?
A. We have spas in the industry that are over 20 years old and are still going strong (it is all up to the consumer). As long as you are willing to replace parts and take care of your spa it will continue to operate as designed.

Q. Who has the best prices on Blue Ridge Filters?
A. Living The Spa Life does!

Q. How often should I test my chemicals in my spa?
A. We suggest you test your spa chemicals every week. This practice will keep the water crystal clear and extend the life of your spa parts and cover.

Q. Does my spa have a GFCI?
A. Yes, your spa must be ran from a GFCI. This requirement protects the consumer from being electrocuted in the spa. Always follow the wiring instructions in your spa owners manual and have a licensed electrician perform all power connections.

Q. Do I need a cover on my spa?
A. Yes, the spa cover is essential to maintain and heat up your spa. Without it, your spa will continue to run and will never hit your desired temperature set point.

Q. Can I use my pool chemicals in my spa?
A. No, it is not recommended to use pool chemicals in your spa. Our Spa Care Solutions Deluxe Water Care Kit has all the needed chemicals to properly maintain the water chemistry in your spa.

Q. Can I set my spa on patio or paver blocks?
A. No, your spa was engineered to set on a flat solid surface that will provide proper support for the foot well and all four sides equally without the possibility of settling. A solid decking that can hold 90 lbs per square foot or a concrete slab that is a minimum of 4" thick is ideal. Do not attempt to shim your spa due to a slanted patio; shimming the spa can cause stress cracks in the shell. Always follow the recommendations that are outlined in your spa owners manual.

Q. What is the recommended pH level for my hot tub water?
A. It should be between 7.2 and 7.8. Maintaining good pH will extend the life on your heater, seals on your pump motor and extend the life of your hot tub cover. We also offer pH Increase and pH Decrease.

Q. How often should I be cleaning my hot tub filter?
A. We recommend cleaning you spa filter every 2 weeks. By cleaning filters often, it will keep the quality of the water clear and reduce the restrictions on your spa circulation pump. For easy filter cleaning, we offer Filter Revive. This product extends the life of your spa filters and keeps your water crystal clear.

Q. How often should I drain and clean my hot tub?
A. We recommend every 3 months and we offer an excellent product to help with this job. Our Pre-Filter will purify your water as you refill the spa and reduces dissolved solids through micro fiber pre-filters.

Q. My water has a bad odor what should I do?
A. This is usually caused from low bromine or chlorine levels in your spa water. You will need to adjust (shock) the water. If the sanitizer level is okay, then you should drain and refill the hot tub. We offer Bromine tablets or Dichlor for everyday use and both products work great.

Q. How can I extend the life of my hot tub cover?
A. Chemicals play a very important role in your cover’s lifecycle. You should keep your bromine levels at 5 parts per million (5 ppm). If you have an ozonator, then 2.5 – 3.0 parts per million is sufficient. We also offer our Vinyl Protectant which will help protect the spa cover from UV rays and extend the lifecycle.

Q. My hot tub cover weighs a ton! What can I do?
A. Once the vapor barrier bag in your cover gets even a small pin hole it will start absorbing water into the foam which causes it to become extremely heavy. When this happens, there is no fix. It’s time to purchase a new hot tub cover. We have many spa covers in stock and will custom order a hot tub cover for any brand. Give us a call at 1-800-393-3399 for more details or order online at It’s simple!

Q. My wooden cabinet panels are looking a little old and worn what should I do?
A. We offer three different shades of spa cabinet stain and they are available in quart size. Spa Stain Products: (1) Coastal (Gray) Duckback Quart (2) Mahogany Duckback Quart and (3) Sierra (Red) Duckback Quart.

Q. I see black mildew or mold inside my spa plumbing lines. How do I get it out?
A. We offer a product that is called Swirl Away that you add to your spa water and run it through your spa jets. It’s a simple product with step by step instructions that will clean your plumbing lines.

Q. I want to shut down my spa for the winter. How do I winterize my hot tub?
A. Disconnect the power source. Remove the spa filters and drain the water down to the top of the drain in the foot well. Add 3-4 gallons of biodegradable automotive antifreeze to the remaining spa water in the body of the spa and to the holes in the filter compartment. Turn the power back on and surge the jets on and off a few times by pushing the jets buttons until spray comes out of the jets. This will pull the antifreeze into the jet lines. Replace all cabinet panels and put the spa cover on.

Q. Is there anything I can use to get the scum lines around my hot tub off?
A. Yes, we offer a product called Scum Balls which are tennis sized floating scum attractors. Place a Scum Ball into a clean hot tub to eliminate foaming and scum lines.

Q. How many gallons of water does my hot tub hold?
A. We have many different sizes of hot tubs which all have a different water capacity. You can call us at 1-800-393-3399 and give us your serial number and we can give the amount of water that your hot tub holds.

Q. I just purchased a used Blue Ridge hot tub, should I hook it up 110 volt or 220 volt?
A. We would first need to know your serial number for the hot tub to see if it is a convertible hot tub or not. Some units come from the factory as a 110 volt and are convertible to 220V. The benefits of converting from 110 volt to 220 volt is your electric bill will be lower on 220 volt and you can run your high speed jets and heater at the same time. The heat up time is cut significantly from 12 hours at 110 volt to 4-6 hours at 220 volt.

Q. How do I drain my hot tub?
A. Remove the cabinet panel under the command center and you will see a hose bib, connect a garden hose to the hose bib, open the valve and the spa will gravity drain. This usually takes a few hours. To speed up the process, we do offer two versions of sump pumps (small submersible pumps). Our standard Sump Pump has a manual shut off and our premium model includes an auto shut off which will cut the drain time down to 20 minutes.

Q. What is the average weight of a hot tub cover?
A. The average weight of a hot tub cover ranges between 45-50 pounds depending on your spa model. Living the Spa Life offers three types of spa covers. We have a 1-pound foam, 2-pound foam and SuperFoam cover. (Each has different insulating properties.) The SuperFoam cover holds up to 485 pounds of static weight so snow-loads or sleeping dogs are not a problem! We offer 11 different colors for you to choose from. Go to the tab for Custom Covers. We also offer Cover Lifts to help make removing the cover easy. See the manual CoverMate I Lift and the deluxe CoverMate III Power Lifter.

Q. What is the maximum temperature set point for my hot tub?
A. The maximum setting is 104 degrees, based on UL and ETL standards.

Q. I would like to add an ozonator to my hot tub, how long do they last and what are the benefits of having one?
A. The average life of an ozone generator (ozonator) is 2-2 ½ years. The benefits of having an ozonator is that it keeps your water crystal clear by producing O3, a form of oxygen, while reducing chemicals up to 50%. We offer 110 volt and 220 volt ozonator kits. Call us at 1-800-393-3399 to place the order.

Q. Who do I call for technical assistance and to order spa parts for my hot tub?
A. Call one of our friendly expert spa technicians at Living the Spa Life 1-800-393-3399 and we will be glad to help trouble shoot your hot tub. We carry a full line of hot tub parts from many different spa manufacturers. We are open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 8 pm Eastern time.

Q: What’s the difference between a Jacuzzi, a spa and a hot tub?
A: The word Jacuzzi is often used to describe a spa because the product was invented by Roy Jacuzzi in 1970. Today, the hot tub has become almost synonymous with the Jacuzzi brand name. Basically, the words Jacuzzi, spa and hot tub are used to describe a jetted, heated, water-filled tubs, but using Jacuzzi in that manner is incorrect. Remember that Jacuzzi is a brand name of hot tubs, baths, sinks and showers, maybe not that spa you love as a place to gather and play, to communicate and promote togetherness.

Q: What brands of spas does Living The Spa Life carry parts for and specialize in?
Blue Ridge Spas, Gatsby Spas, Imperial Spas, Heartland Spas, White Springs Spas, Luxury Spas, Cimmaron Spas, Swiftriver Spas, Members Mark Spas, Outdoor Spas - and more!

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